Name: Star
Age: 23
DOB: 03-21-1979
Location: Coral Springs, FL
Rank: Knight
House: Talon

Star was born Esther Gonczi in Budapest Hungary and emigrated to USA as a political refugee. I got the nickname Star because my best friend's Mom couldn't say Esther she kept saying E-Star so it became Star. And in a strange coincidence the name Esther means Star in Persian. Went to school in South Florida. I was a very shy and quiet girl. Didn't speak much, had only one friend until high school. Took TaKwonDo for six years and earned a 2nd degree black belt and started teaching kids. I was a top ten competitor, only reason I didn't win anything is because I didn't have the money to go to enough tournaments to earn enough points to go to the TaKwonDo World Championships. But I beat all the other top tens but this one giant Russian Woman who cheated. I'm mean though, I made two of the other girls cry.

I went to FSU and graduated from FAU with a Communications Degree. I was part of the FSU flying high circus for a semester. And I was part of Trimaris which is a part of the Society for Historical Anachronism. I write poetry and am working on a novel. I play D&D and Vampire the Masquerade. And that is my spare time next to Chessmen. WHat else? Um... I like to think I'm funny. I like to laugh and will take any opportunity to do so. I'm a lousy singer who wishes I was better.

Characters: Elaine the White

Current Faire Character: Elaine the White

Elaine the White 2003 Little Red Riding Hood 2004

Maiden Marian 11/2003