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Rarely do I see a picture that so captures my attention. This has to be one of the best pictures I have seen in a long time. The photographer captured the essence of  Genesis in that one picture. That is the picture of the month for April hands down.

Photo by Dean S. Lautermilch

Sir Marcus




Picture of the Month

Young love

I have once again taken up the role of webmaster to do a few updates. This one was long in coming. I thought it would be nice to show an older picture of a much younger couple (and a lot less pregnant). I have updated some of the other pages to take out some old members. More updates to come.

Sir Marcus




Picture of the Month

Special day!

It is rare in this world where two people can meet and almost at once fall in love with each other. Mark and Star were two such blessed people. On the 24th day of April of 2004 Mark and Star were wed. A hearty congrats!

Sir Marcus




Picture of the Month


Fair Season is almost at an end!
Yes ladies and gentlemen the season is almost over. It is almost time to say whee its over. Tavares has come and gone, yet more updates to the site, and Star was knighted. Mike, Shaun, and Jenn were also promoted to Journeyman. With just one final fair to do, we are almost at the home stretch. Well if anything enjoy the new picture of the month. 

Sir Marcus


Picture of the Month

Let us never forget.

Fair Season Commeth!
Yes ladies and gentlemen the season is here. Get your garb on and lets get out there and do our best. A remeberance picture has been posted this picture of the month.


08 - 1 6- 03

Picture of the Month

There is something to be said about overkill.

There have been some mild changes to the web site over the past week. Some stealth updates here and there. A new thing I wish to do each month is to put up a new photo, like the one above. There will be new updates to the site over the next month. If you have any photos or content please feel free to send it over.

Sir Creetar

02 - 27 - 03



Well I have been hard at work trying to update the site. I have made about 85% of the member pages, just need to get a few more pictures and bios to get it complete. I have also put up an events page, and a knighting page. I hope you all enjoy.

Sir Creetar


02 - 23 - 03



One show down two to go. A big round of applause to all of you. You performed excelently. A huge round of applause for Faenor (Jesse) for being the first person to be Knighted since the house was first created. It was much deserved. Look for the Knighting page in the near future.

There will be only two more knighting ceremonies this year, one at Camelot Days at TY park March 8-9, and then again at Redlands fair in Homstead Air Force Base March 22-23. The two lucky squires still don't know who they are. Muahahahaha!

House Phoenix is growing fast, we have accepted two new members since the last update. Star and Stacey have both been accepted into the house with Bite petitioning. Soon we are going to be ready for yet another house split.

Debbie and Suzanne will be returning to chessmen after this season, and its long over due.

Untill the next update, have fun and post on the boards!

Sir Creetar


01 - 24 - 03

Above picture from House Phoenix's Annual Halloween Horror Nights trip!

Season is here!!!!

The long awaited season is finally here! Once again House Phoenix prepairs for the Lady of the Lakes Faire, in Tavares, Florida. We have two new events this year The Redlands Renaissance Faire, and Camelot Days. Camelot Days brings a renaissance fair back to T.Y. for the first time in over 5 years. The Royal Chessmen also have its members at the Hollywood Shakespeare Feastival as street characters.

In other Phoenix news in December House Phoenix had enough members to split the house. Deanna now is the head of House Talon of the Phoenix, or House Talon for short. In recent months we have gained alot of good quailty people and just wanted to thank those of you who have joined us.

In other news the site is going through its last stage of the revamp. Expect to see more pictures and content up soon. I hope everyone enjoys.