Lior Gonda

Name: Lior Gonda
Age: 19
DOB: 06/25/1983
Location: Weston, FL
Rank: Knight
House: Phoenix

I was born in Israel, moved to Spain at the age of 3, moved again to Venezuela when I was 8, and moved again to Florida at age of 17. I'm currently an Electrical Engineering junior year at FAU, houping to procede a carrer in electro-bionics. I joined The Royal Chessmen in June 2002, so this year will be my first fair season. Along with Chessmen, other hobbies include scuba diving, fencing, soccer, and some others. I have had a great experience in Royas Chessmen, morever I have meet so many new people most of which are great friends of mine now.


Current Faire Character:

Chuck Rounder