Name: Deanna
Age: 22
DOB: 01-06-1981
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Rank: Knight-House Leader
House: Talon

History: I've been part of chessmen for 7 years. I began going when I was still in high school. My brother Brian introduced me into the group and I loved it. I met my fiance at chessmen and we plan on getting married within the next 2-3 years. I'm going to FAU studying music education. I teach children Piano at a music school and although I really don't like kids to much and never really want any of my own now I love all of my students. Later I want to also teach singing but my work doesn't do that type of instrument. For now I will live. I have another 2-3 years in college in order to get my Teaching Degree (thus the reason for the extended wedding date). And I enjoy my life and friends very much.

Characters: Gypsy Jade, Christy Reeve

Current Faire Character: Gypsy Jade Galanodel

Gypsy Jade Galanodel Christy Reeve