Charter of House Phoenix

Mission of House Phoenix

To remain a loyal and active participant of the Royal Chessmen, while striving for individual development. By focusing on perfecting our own skills we set an example for our house, and the rest of Chessmen. Achieving this goal through leadership, code of ethics, and enforcement of these ethics.

1. Leadership

A. Structure of the House

House Phoenix has an order base structure. Each order has a different job or specialty, which it teaches or excels in. You can belong to as many orders as you like, but each order will have something different to offer. Listed below are four orders and a brief description of each order. More orders can be made as needed to accommodate the growth of House Phoenix.

Each new recruit will first enter Order of Initiation to learn about House Phoenix. After the Captain of House Phoenix and the initiate both agree that its time to move to the next order. The Initiate would then choose the next order they would wish to join. Upon entering their next order the Initiate then becomes a squire.

When a squire and the second order captain both agree that its time to move to the squire’s 3rd order. Upon moving to the 3rd order the squire becomes a journeyman.

After the journeyman completes the third order, they will become a knight, and be asked to join an order. The knight is not restricted to this order, but it would be their primary interest. It is encouraged for all members to be an active part of all orders, so they can learn all we have to offer.

I. Order of the Crown

This order is comprised of all the leaders of House Phoenix. The order of the Crown is considered the council that governs Phoenix. The captains of each order make up the council.

II. Order of Scribes

This would be an order of knowledge and spirituality. This order would attract historians, writers, and councilors. Scribes keep records of house meetings, in charge of contacting members for events, and the Captain of the scribes would be present at Chessmen Council meetings.

III. Order of the Sword

This order obviously would consist of our most skilled fighters and all weaponry. This order is to help build on our fighters skills. This is no way replaces the training received at chessmen, but helps to hone those skills learned at chessmen.

IV. Order of Initiation

This order’s responsibility shall be recruitment, teaching new members the ways of House Phoenix. People of this order will then move on to other orders within House Phoenix. Those that remain in this order will be our recruiters and teachers. Order of Initiation teaches the rules, code of ethics, and prepares our new members to advance into the next order.

V. Order of the Mask

This order would consist of our actors. Those aspiring to be actors could go to this order to help with theatrical training.

VI. Order of the Crafters

This order would comprise all of our craftsmen, builders and those aspiring to be craftsmen. Those willing to learn a trade, or have a trade to teach would tend towards this order. Monthly workshops might be scheduled to help our members become more skilled in a craft.

It will be expected that leaders in the orders listed above would train their members in their area of expertise. Any workshop or training session House Phoenix has will be open to all of Chessmen.

Code of Ethics

The purpose of the code of ethics is to help govern House Phoenix. In a perfect world we would not need to have to lay down this code of ethics, but since we do, we expect our members to follow this code.

  1. Maintaining a sterling reputation with the Royal Chessmen.

  1. Treating members and the individual, organizations with respect.

  1. Treating patrons with up most respect and courtesy.

  1. Accepting and performing responsibilities when given.

  1. Unacceptable conduct at a performance setting.
    1. Cursing during a performance is not acceptable.
    3. Belittling or chastising during a performance is not acceptable.
    5. Outbursts during a performance are not acceptable.
    7. Verbally or physically attacking a patron is unacceptable.
  1. Unacceptable conduct at practice.
    1. Smoking near the whole of Chessmen.
    3. Above rules apply at practice.
  1. Unacceptable conduct at house functions.
    1. See rules listed at 5 and 6.

  1. Breach of this conduct will be dealt with professional timely matter. No one above disciplinary action (No one is above the law).

Disciplinary Actions

Any breech of the code of ethics should be subject to disciplinary action as seen fit by the order of the crown. The member in question will have a right to defend their actions to the order of the crown. At that time the order will decide if an actually breech has accrued and the punishment for such actions. Punishments can include flowing listed below

  1. Reprimand (a stern talking to)

  1. An apology oral or written to offended party

  1. Probation

  1. Suspension

  1. Expulsion

Rank Structure

House Council will consist at all times of an odd number.

Captains: they are second in command to the house leaders and lead when they are not present.

Knights: After you have completed training in three orders you shall be knighted. You may choose an order follow. It can be any order you wish with the exception of Crown.

Journeyman: Is your next rank in the second order you wish to train in.

Squire: Squire ship will begin with the next order you choose to train in.

Initiate: A new member to House Phoenix. Initiates will report to the Order of Initiation for guidance. When the and Order of Initiation representative feels they are ready to move on, they will pick an order or, they then become a squire and move on to the order of their preference.